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Visit by Kennesaw State University

25 Nov

A group of stu­dents from Ken­ne­saw State vis­it­ed Mujeres Unidas in May 2013.  They raised mon­ey to buy new toys and a new fridge for the cen­ter so that the kids can have meals at the daycare.


Visit Visit 2 Visit 3 visit 5



Mujeres Unidas in 2013

25 Nov

This is how the day­care and com­mu­ni­ty cen­ter looks in 2013:

inside inside 4 Inside 2

New Knitted Goods

25 Nov


Check out some of the work that Mujeres Unidas have been doing:

knitted goods 11 knitted goods 10 knitted goods 9 knitted goods 7 knitted goods 6 Knitted goods 5 knitted goods 4 knitted goods 3 Knitted goods 2 Knitted goods 1