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Thank you to Cooperativa Parroquia Santa Rosa de Lima

22 Apr

On Decem­ber 18, 2010, the Coop­er­a­ti­va Par­ro­quia San­ta Rosa de Lima host­ed a Christ­mas par­ty and gave presents to all the chil­dren in the com­mu­ni­ty.  In total they donat­ed over 200 presents and made Christ­mas a real­i­ty for many chil­dren.  San­ta Clause even made an appearance.

CARE Peru">Thank you to the Workers of CARE Peru

22 Apr

On Decem­ber, 11, 2010, the work­ers of CARE Peru donat­ed $1100 of in-kind goods to imple­ment the day­care of Mujeres Unidas.  Every year, the work­ers of CARE Peru put on a con­test to give a Christ­mas gift to an impov­er­ished com­mu­ni­ty.  The women of Mujeres Unidas put togeth­er a pro­pos­al and pre­sent­ed to the work­ers at the orga­ni­za­tion, and won the con­test.  They also host­ed a small Christ­mas par­ty for the chil­dren in the com­mu­ni­ty. The day­care offi­cial­ly start­ed func­tion­ing on Jan­u­ary 18, 2011.